As a starting pitcher and a designated hitter, Los Angeles Angels rookie Shohei Ohtani is embarking on a two-way journey that no major leaguer has successfully pulled off since Babe Ruth himself. Will Ohtani dominate on the mound and crush at the plate?

What did Ohtani do last?

On the mound — Ohtani had another strong outing, allowing one run on three hits and two walks while striking out 11 in 6 ⅓ innings against the Twins, but ended up with a no-decision. He left with a 1-0 lead and one out in the seventh inning after walking Logan Morrison, but Morrison later would score to tie the game. The Angels ended up with a 2-1 win.

At the plate — In his first game batting second directly behind Mike Trout, Ohtani had a single in four at-bats Tuesday night in the Angels’ 5-3 loss to the Astros. For the year, Ohtani is hitting .342.

When can I see Ohtani next?

At the plate — Ohtani should be back in the lineup on Wednesday night against the Astros, facing Justin Verlander.

On the mound — If the Angels stick with their six-man rotation, Ohtani’s next start would be Saturday night at home against the Rays.

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